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Switch Panel - 10 Switch

PDM 25

The Hardwire Electronics range of switch panels have been designed to make the process of installing a switch panel in a vehicle as simple as possible. In a conventional switch panel, the user would need to physically run wires to the back of each individual switch, splicing a power and ground wire for each switch that is in use. This can quickly make the wiring job become messy, unreliable, and disorganised. The Hardwire Electronics switch panels make the installation process much simpler. Each switch is internally connected to a reliable, easy to use Deutsch DTM 12-pin header. Wiring in the switch panel is as simple as plugging it in to your wiring harness. No added external pull-up or pull-down resistors are needed when interfacing a switch panel with the Hardwire Electronics PDM.  Hardwire Electronics uses the highest quality, marine rated, Carling switches to ensure the reliability and longevity of each switch panel. 

The Hardwire Electronics switch panels come in a variety of configurations, with 10 and 5 switch options, both with the option of all latching switches, or all latching with one momentary. The switch panels are designed to fit into standard DIN slot heights.

General Features

  • Front Panel Size: 204x54mm

  • Rear Cover Size: 174x49mm (50mm depth)

  • Weight: 460g

  • Current Capacity: 8 Amps combined


  • Type: Carling F-series on-off (or mom-off-mom)

  • Switch Lifetime: 50000 toggles


  • Type: 12-pin Deutsch DTM


PDM25 System Diagram
PDM25 System Diagram
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