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The Hardwire Electronics range of PDMs were designed for use in automotive applications. Where high reliability is essential, solid state power distribution modules are the go-to in all automotive vehicles. 

Initially, solid state power distribution modules were reserved for all but the highest echelons of Motorsport due their prohibitively high cost.

Today however, the installation labor cost savings alone mean that installing a PDM in your vehicle is the only sensible option - not to mention the incredible features and flexibility that PDMs offer when compared to conventional fuse and relay systems. 




Our PDMs are used in every corner of the Motorsport world.

  • Circuit

  • Drag

  • Rally

  • Drift

  • Road

Race Car Parts Repairs.jpg

Emergency Vehicles


Configuration flexibility makes PDMs perfect for increasingly electrified Emergency Vehicles.

  • Police

  • Fire

  • Rescue

  • Ambulance

Police Car Lights.jpg

Electric Vehicles


Our PDMs are used in a range of Electric Vehicle applications. From OEM EV trucks, to ICE-to-EV conversion kits. 

  • OEM EV 

  • ICE to EV conversion kits




IP67 Dust and water resistance makes Hardwire Electronics PDMs the perfect choice for use in harsh environments. 

  • Buses 

  • Trucks

  • Trailers

  • Camper Van

“We use Hardwire products to integrate our EV systems into classic Land Rovers - not the most straightforward task at times! The guys at Hardwire have helped us get our system running countless times and are always a friendly voice on the end of the phone to provide us with technical help during our builds."

Clean Classics

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